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Welcome to our website. We hope you like our dedicated website - selling only the Moda brand. Having sold Moda Fabric for many years, we wanted to showcase only the fabric from Moda on its own website. The Brand 'Moda' is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of quilting fabric in America, with a huge following.

New Ranges arriving every month:
With such a dedicated following to the Moda Brand, we are delighted to stock and supply the majority of Moda fabric ranges right here in the UK. The excitement of a new moda fabric range being launched in the UK is represented by the amount of enquiries we receive in anticipation... most of the time we are glad to be able to supply our customers first in the UK with these new ranges

Moda Deliveries

Pre-Cut Fabric Pioneers:
They are the inventors of the packages of fabric, known as Layer Cakes (10 Inch Squares), Charm Packs (5 Inch Squares) and Jelly Rolls (2.5 Inch Strips. These pre-cut packs of fabric have enabled quilters to make faster progress with their projects as the cutting of the fabric has already been taken care of.

Fabulous Designers:
Fabric doesn't just design itself. Moda have associated themselves with some of the best fabric designers around. The Moda Designers have a huge following, with many of our regular customers smitten with one or two that are their favourites. With over 60 Designers producing fabulous designs, you'll be spoilt for choice with fabric from Moda. Furthermore, the range of 'Bella Solids' from moda has nearly 300 colours to choose from, providing the perfect colour scheme to any design.

So whatever project you are starting (or finishing) - enjoy discovering the right fabric from Moda right here... where you can be sure of a quality fabric everytime


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