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We Specialise in all things Moda!

Moda Fabric is a well respected brand within the patchwork quilting world. Their variety of styles, colours and themes are always well recieved by our customers... that's why we wanted to showcase and sell their products on this dedicated website.

When buying fabric, you can buy what you need from the roll, or purchase various pre-cuts to supply your latest quilting project. Moda are a industry leader in these pre cut packages, supplying the well regards Moda Jelly Rolls, Moda Layer Cakes, Moda Charm Packs and Moda Honeycombs to name just a few.

Discover the full range of Moda Fabric products by browsing our website.. we hope to welcome you as a customer now and in the future with our friendly service, competitive prices and new Moda fabric product launches. If you need any help finding the right product, please get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help.

For all your other sewing requirements, from sewing machines to thread, please take the time to visit our main website at

Moda Grunge Range
Moda Grunge Swatch 1
Moda Grunge Swatch 2
Moda Grunge Swatch 3
Moda Grunge Swatch 4
Moda Grunge Swatch 5
Moda Grunge Swatch 6
Moda Grunge Swatch 7
Moda Grunge Swatch 8
Moda Grunge Swatch 9
Moda Grunge Swatch 10
Moda Grunge Swatch 11
Moda Grunge Swatch 12

Moda Bella Solids Range
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 1
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 2
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 3
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 4
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 5
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 6
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 7
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 8
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 9
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 10
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 11
Moda Bella Solids Swatch 12


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