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Other Layer Cakes Moda

We have an enormous collection of Moda fabric in many different ranges. Moda fabrics are a quilters dream! We have so many Moda Charm Packs (42 x 5 inch squares) that you will find it hard to make a single choice!

As well as Charm Packs we have mini Charm Squares (42 x 2.5 inch squares), Layer Cakes (42 x 10 inch squares) and Jelly Rolls (2½" strips and 44" long). And many of the fabrics in the Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls can also be bought by the metre. The Civil War Jubilee collections are on the dark and sombre side and would be ideal for making items for men! They are all very masculine in looks! Other collections are Soho Chic which is a very sophisticated set of fabric patterns; Muslin Mates which is a neutral range; Seascapes with lovely blue colours and patterns and Keep it Sassy which is a novelty fabric with individual word clouds!

There are so many wonderful and interesting fabrics that you will surely find just the right piece for your patchwork or quilting project. As well as patchwork fabrics Moda also produce a wide 108 inch 100% cotton by 3 Sisters to use as quilt backing. We have three colours; red, grey and tan, and the fabric has a trailing flower pattern over it. It has a lovely silky feel to it and would be lovely for all manner of projects as well as backing a quilt!

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